Our Products

Synthetic Resin Adhesive(SH)

Used for ply and mica pasting and wood work.

Paper Plate Adhesive

Used for pasting pvc and bopp film to paper(dona pattal)

Paper Lamination Adhesive

Used for pasting transparent film to printed paper board.

Corrugated Box Adhesive

Used in cartoon factory.


File & Copy Adhesive

Used for pasting file and copy

Sprayable Rubber Based Adhesive

Used for coir and mattress.

Rubber Based Adhesive

Used for shoe and raxine.

Anti-Puncture Tyre Sealant

Used for tubeless tires.

Tube Puncture Repair Adhesive

Used for patching cycle and rickshaw tubes.

Yellow Dextrin

Used for multiple purposes.

Side Sealing Adhesive

Used for side pasting of paper boxes

Sticker Adhesive

Used for stickers.

Hardner for fly-ash bricks, paver blocks,concrete pols and hume pipes